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    We are Nerds!


    Nerd is a casual gaming community with nerds located throughout the United States.  We originated on GW2 in 2013 as a small organized WvW zerg busting guild.  We have since moved to Black Desert Online and with the move we are looking to open our doors to expand!  Though we are expanding, we are looking for quality not quantity.  We don’t like losing and take having fun seriously! 


    Interested in joining?!


    We are looking for active and mature players that strive to win while having fun steam rolling enemy nerds.  To achieve this our members must be the age of 18 and over, represent our guild with integrity and use the social forms of communications that we provide.  It is very important to us that every member participate on Team Speak 3 while in game and have a working headset/mic.

    If you are interested in meeting new people, completing PvE content, becoming competitive in PvP while being able to play at your own pace we may be the guild for you!  Just  CLICK HERE and put a post in the "Interested In Joining" forum with some info about yourself, past guilds, experience and account name and someone will contact you in game, by whisper or mail! Become a Nerd today!!